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iProtect 1217 Mobile & RF Signal Detector

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The iProtect 1217 is a newly released (2022) detector of mobile and wireless signals that is able to find all kinds of hidden devices such as cell phones, spy bugs, hidden cameras, hidden voice recorders, GPS trackers, any type of secret surveillance device which uses mobile communication and sends out signals.

The new iProtect 1217 allows you to see exactly which signals were found so that you can differentiate between suspicious signals from a surveillance device or harmless external interference, which conventional wide-band detectors aren't able to do as they combine all the signals they detect. As the iProtect 1217 is highly sensitive, it will pick up signals from up to 10 meters and as you move, it will guide you to the signals source so you can physically search for hidden devices.

The iProtect 1217 offers 4 search modes to further help you analyze detected signals and as a result, uncover any surveillance devices that may be hidden in your home, office, or vehicle. 
  1. The ALL BANDS mode is the main searching mode that enables detection of all mobile and wireless signals and is used to start the sweep. 
  2. Once all the signals are detected, you can use the GROUP mode to inspect bands in a certain group, e.g. DECT. 
  3. To explore a signal even further and start a physical search, use the BAND mode as it displays a graph with the history of the signal level over a certain time period. This allows you to note the signal as you approach or move away from it so you know exactly where to look for the hidden device. 
  4. The fourth mode is the TRACKER mode designed to search for GPS trackers on vehicles or other mobile devices. TRACKER mode is adjusted to detect only mobile signals and accumulate a history to find periodic sending of data with coordinates that GPS trackers use. 
The iProtect 1217 comes in a protective transportation case with two antennas included in the set to ensure maximum sensitivity: 
  1. The high-band directional antenna LPDA-12 helps locate transmitters above 2400 MHz, and 
  2. The low-band rod antenna covers transmitters below 2400 MHz. 

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of operational time, however, the device can also be used while charging.

iProtect 1217 Main Features:

  • Worldwide coverage - detects all existing bands of GSM, 3G, 4G/LET, 5G, and CDMA in the range up to 6 GHz
  • Detection of more than 26 mobile and wireless bands
  • Adjustable frequency allocation to the country of use
  • Picks up signals up to 10 meters
  • Resistant to interference and highly sensitive
  • 4 operation modes: All bands, Group, Band, Tracker
  • TRACKER mode for detection of GPS trackers with history accumulation
  • 43 levels to set optimal sensitivity
  • Two antennas included in set along with carry case
  • Operational time up to 5 hours, and can be used while charging