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Vehicle GPS Tracking Kit Including Installation & Maintenance

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Vehicle GPS Tracker Kit with Installation and Maintenance

Once off High precision Vehicle GPS Tracker Kit including installation and maintenance. With no monthly bills, the Kit is activated and vehicle monitored from the APP with yearly maintenance plan. 

Once purchased, you will be contacted for installation appointment either on our premises or at your convenient location (Gauteng Only). 

The installations of these devices are customized as per vehicle model, and installation call out fee may vary from one location to another should you choose  installation to your location. 

The GPS locator Kit includes:

  • GPS Tracker.
  • Installation of the GPS and the circuit breaker in our approved installation.
  • Maintenance of the platform for 1 year (activation of life time)
  • Built-in battery in the tracker: the tracker has a built-in battery autonomous so that it can emit a signal for 2 days if the car you removed the battery.

NOTE: This kit does not include the SIM card that is installed inside the GPS tracker. We recommend getting a Vodacom sim card for wider coverage. Ensure that there is enough data on it, 1 or 2GB will enough for a month, depending on how much you want to monitor your vehicle. 

Simple to use the GPS tracker/locator will allows you access data on the App and you may monitor an entire fleet of your vehicle on your mobile or computer screen and have access to the vehicles, listen to the environment inside and control their movements as and when needed. We will be able to see their locations in real-time, access to the history of the last 3 days and activate the fuel cutter in case of theft. The device will alert you, call or send messages in case of any intrusion.

How does the fuel cutter works?

From your mobile you can activate and deactivate the switch whenever you like to render the vehicle movable or not. Once activated the vehicle will not start, even though they are the keys inserted so that it will be much more difficult to steal the vehicle, so your vehicle will not start until you de-activate from your mobile device.  Once de-activated you will be able to use the car normally. 

Functions of the GPS Tracker

Functions and features of our GPS tracker :

  • SOS button. Notice of theft
  • Locate phone via SMS, GPRS or App
  • Built-in battery when there is a power cut.
  • Cut ignition in case of theft.
  • Tracking in real-time
  • Motion Sensor and microphone. High-sensitivity GPS.
  • On/Off function of the fuel switch from the mobile phone.